Look Up Love!

Photo courtesy of Violet May

Photo courtesy of Violet May

The iconic new York skyline was inching closer as we made our way through the traffic that was slowing that Thursday afternoon due to accident. We waited in awe of the city, it’s whirling traffic and larger than life buildings confidently reflecting the October sky.
Shortly after we checked  into our hotel room we headed out to catch the train uptown for lunch. We got off in Times Square. If you bother to look up in Times Square you notice things you simply wouldn’t otherwise. You catch the well crafted creativity that announces itself unabashedly via architecture, sculptures, billboards, lighting, and occasionally people with sweet smiles looking down from their balconies.
We ate at Obao off of west 46th street and even sitting at the bar, my eyes were drawn up by the light fixtures, high ceilings, and the rolling ladder attached to the end of the bar used to get the top shelf liquor- the good stuff.
It’s kind of funny right. The good liquor is what’s on top, what you have to look up for, what you pay more for. It’s not shelved at eye level. It’s not kept in plain sight.The good stuff is never easily attained or left in plain sight.

Photo courtesy of David LaChapelle

Photo courtesy of David LaChapelle

The rest of the day I found myself looking up more. Sometimes it was necessary, like to see the sign on the corner of Broadway for our hotel. If I didn’t look up I would miss my turn for the side street entrance to my hotel. Sometimes looking up is necessary. Sometimes we will find ourselves in circumstances where we feel boxed in, acutely aware of the barriers to be overcome. The way to overcome them may mean looking up in order to gain perspective.
New York city like many of the cities I love- built up. When horizontal expansion was no longer an option they built up.
What I have learned is that the things we love are rarely the things that were easily attainable. We fall in love with the things that didn’t come so easy. Whether it’s the vintage dress we found after four hours thrift store hopping, the living room that is now our favorite space in the house but took 18 months to curate and decorate to our liking, the relationships we have that well cultivated over moments of misunderstandings, ruined borrowed clothes, waiting over an hour for drinks, awkwardness in how to support us in difficult situations. We love who and what we love because the more we saw, the more we looked up, we saw the beauty, the creativity, and the worthiness of giving our love.
Take a moment to look up. Be surprised, see things differently, notice what has gone unnoticed. Choose to challenge your perspective and don’t be afraid to go for the top shelf good stuff. The good stuff isn’t within everyone’s reach for reason. Look up love! xxoo

Photo courtesy of My Modern Met.com

Photo courtesy of My Modern Met.com

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