From the Black Girl Project Summit With Love xxoo

Last Saturday was the end of a three weekends in a row away from my cozy corner of the world tour. There was a birthday shindig for my east coast nephew one weekend, chaperoning some rather amazing international students in Manhattan, and then as fate would have it, my last weekend away I would spend it doing what I love- talking to women and girls about living incredibly victoriously and emphatically. I would spend two hours with forty eight beautiful brown feminine faces keeping it real on the ways in which we need to imagine wellness and redefine strength. It was glorious!  I had the absolute pleasure of spending time with some incredibly beautiful, brave, and talented young women and girls at The Black Girl Project Summit in Brooklyn, NY. I was thrilled to have conversations about functional depression and redefining the strong Black woman, as well as sit in on sessions about intimacy and gender roles. Just sharing a few pictures from the day where I got to do what I love. Have a sweet weekend and I will greet you on the other side of October Monday morning! xxoo









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