No Thanks November

Photo courtesy of Positive

Photo courtesy of Positive

Some Saturdays are for adulting aka being a responsible adult. This Saturday was precisely that. It was the first Saturday in almost a month that I was home. I ran adult errands- you know the kind, like going to the post office and the cleaners. Such errands always make me feel like a real adult. There was the farmers market where I picked up a new handmade soap from a new vendor. I strolled down to the water to see the antique boats docked for down rigging weekend. Then I headed home to pay bills. Nothing says adulting like paying bills. As I signed in to one account and out of another, confirming amounts, selecting dates, clicking “Submit” or “I Agree” and logging out I sighed. “I’m over this.” I thought to myself. I checked my savings account which wasn’t growing nearly as fast since accepting a job that paid far less than the last but was way better for my health. I looked at the screen and said “No thanks.”  I was turning down my current reality as my future.

It’s November and here in the US it is the month that generously houses the American holiday “Thanksgiving.” There will scarcely be an American publication that will adorn shelves in grocery stores or book stores, introduce themselves to mailboxes or inboxes, that won’t talk about the holiday or an attitude of thanksgiving. There will be the articles that talk about how to cultivate a more thankful life. How an attitude of gratitude has proven to add years to one’s life. How to give your partner the best _____________ that they will be thanking you for all night long. Holiday shopping tips that your bank account will thank you for. You catch my drift. I was tempted to follow suit, but the rebel in me just wouldn’t let me. And so,  on the blog this month, it will be No Thanks November. We’ll be talking about some of the things in life that maybe we shouldn’t embrace in order to live incredibly victoriously and emphatically. The things that it’s time for us to look at and say “No thanks, “- this is my current reality but I do not accept it as my future. 

The Simply LIVEd life is one committed to choosing a life that allows us to do the simplest thing- live. It’s hard to live when we forget that we can refute to make what is what will forever will be. We have the power to choose. Sometimes to live, you’ve got to look the situation, the job, the relationship, the bank account, in the face and say “No thanks.”  you can shrug, stroll, and move on to do what you need so the next time you can look at the situation, job, relationship, bank account, or whatever else and say “Why thank you kindly.” 

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