LIVE-ing for the Weekend- Waiting to Exhale

The week has been long. It has been full and heavy yet sprinkled softly and gingerly with moments of thanksgiving, peace, joy, and laughter. It has gifted me the opportunity to be still, not just in the early hours of the morning, not just on sweet Sunday, but within the ebb and flow of the 9-5 work week. Even now, back softly held by the grey comfy chair by the window of the coffee shop nestled in the middle of the small side street in Rittenhouse with a soy chai in hand, I am still. My inhales and exhales longer, my feet more aware of the ground beneath them, my thoughts set free from it’s captors- should, must, but what if- I am still.
It is the weekend and my plans to be in New York have changed. My plans to be in Philadelphia have changed. The busy and beauty of the city will be kept at bay. I instead will continue to enjoy the beauty of quiet, of being still, of plans changed, of learning to be content, of compassion and grace towards myself and others, of long inhales and long exhales. I invite you to do the same.  Until Monday! xxoo


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