Photo courtesy of Panda Whale.com

Photo courtesy of Panda Whale.com


Hello and welcome to 2016 ! I don’t know about you but I am really really REALLY excited about the new year. I am super grateful for all that last year has brought me and taught me. I am absolutely looking forward to going all in in 2016; unabashed about sharing in more detail those lessons with our LIVE community and using those lessons to further encourage and support our LIVE community.

I’m not going to rattle off a list of resolutions. I’m not going to provide my 2015 highlight reel. But I am absolutely going to use one highlight from 2015 as my springboard, our spring board into 2016- “Baby Steps in your big girl panties”.  It was the title of one of my slides as I presented at the Black Girl Project 5th Annual Summit in Brooklyn, New York this past October.  I got to speak with beautiful women off all shades of brown about depression. I know, who gets giddy about depression? Actually it was more of me being giddy to have a very frank conversation with women about how to recognize, manage, and recover from depression. It’s hard to be, do, and LIVE well when you are depressed and don’t know it or how to manage and heal. Emphasis on hard, not impossible however.

The slide resonated with the attendees and I was seeing it re-posted on Twitter and Instagram. It was pretty amazing the impact  that seven little words had. Seven little words that spoke the truth about the power we have to heal, to be, do, and LIVE well.

A few weeks ago one of the attendees re-posted the phrase on Facebook and the likes and comments were rolling in. Self included. It was such a perfect on time reminder.  The kind of reminder that made me want to start the year off sharing with you about going all in- which can be so scary, yet so necessary if we are going to LIVE purposefully. However, I find that the only way we can go all in is if we make a decision (big girl panties) and are open to the process of fulfilling that decision (the baby steps). Easier said than done, I know, but that’s what I am here for. Absolutely on board with being a part of your baby steps towards whatever you decide to go after in this season of your life (even if its rest- sounds a little strange, but I know for some of us learning to let go and trust and rest is difficult) and whoever you decide to be (single, happily married -some of y’all are married but not happy, a parent, sober, a writer, more loving or gracious with yourself and others, a student, an entrepreneur, an activist, etc.).

I’m also going to offer two $25.00 gift cards to Victoria’s secrets so you can literally get yourself some big girl panties. Here’s how that is going to work. You have until 11:59pm Sunday January 3rd, 2016 to like and leave a comment on the The Simply LIVEd Facebook page about something you are taking baby steps towards in 2016 OR you can follow me @AhyanaJenise on Twitter and do the same. Just be sure on both pages to use #BeDoLIVEWell2016. I will announce the winners noon Monday January 4th, 2016 which means you have plenty of time to take advantage of the Victoria’s Secret semi annual sale.

Here’s to another year to be, do, and LIVE well! xxoo


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