LIVE-ing for the Weekend

Photo courtesy of By Bean

Photo courtesy of By Bean


It is Friday.

I am happy.

Don’t mess with my Friday.

Don’t mess with my happy.

It has been a week. And the hard work of the week isn’t quite finished. In fact I’ve got a meeting today that a month ago I would have dreaded, two months ago probably avoided via the topic, six months ago I would have called out sick. But not today. Today I am going in there and going all in. Professionally, respectfully, with integrity. Because that’s who I am. And when you go all in, you in with who you are- all of who you are. We’ll chat about this more on Monday. 

The rest of my weekend is sprinkled with opportunities that allow me to be all of me. My online courses for leadership and creative thinking started this week, I’m in the middle of two books and will keep straddling the two really really good reads which are Deconstructing Privilege edited by Kim Case and Destiny by T.D. Jakes, time with friends are on the calendar, I got a recipe I want to repeat and eat, and writing. See, a lot of me in my weekend. I hope yours has a lot of you in yours.  Until Monday! xxoo

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