LIVE-ing for The Weekend

I woke up smiling. In part because I had a lovely dream. I was in my favorite city- San Francisco, doing one of my favorite things. Having a conversation that matters. Great way to start the weekend right? Smiling. And then I stumbled across this (take a look below). And it is a very simple powerful question. Perhaps because a statement like “Go all in,” is really simple. Three one syllable words. Yet powerful. I mean really, to give someone or something your all is power giving power- powerful. So when I saw this question in its simple power I chose to ponder it this weekend. Like meditate on it. Like consciously choose to think about what I am willing to give up to be who I really want to be- that city living conversation that matters having daring folks to be, do, and LIVE well one day at a time person. Like Sunday night I will have an answer, even if with time that answer needs to adjust. So yeah, that’s my weekend. Being purposeful about my purpose. Oh and hosting brunch and seeing a college basketball game. Until Monday! xxoo


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