The Decision to Love

Photo courtesy of Dump

Photo courtesy of Dump

A little over a week ago my little town got its first big snow of the season- a soft, fluffy, white 22 inches of it. My plans to visit DC for the weekend to catch up with friends, go to museums, and eat great food were bitterly cancelled. The weekend at home did end up being pretty fantastic however, full of time to keep working on goals, cook and bake, clean house, and I still got to have some pretty amazing and necessary conversations with some of the great women in my life, including my friend Lola.
Lola and I video chatted for about two hours and before we waved goodbye Lola recommended and sent me an conversion of Jen Sincero’s book You Are A Badass. I quickly found myself on my sofa, blanket and cup of green coconut tea in hand and began reading. What stuck out to me in those first few pages and has been lingering in my mind all week has been five simple words she penned “It starts with a decision.”

Photo courtesy of A. Lieda

Photo courtesy of A. Lieda

A simple powerful truth that wasn’t new to me in the least bit, but one whose power I’d forgotten. When you make a decision you position yourself to fulfill it by all means necessary. While you may not initially have what you need or think you need to fulfill the decision, you do have the determination which breeds the courage, creativity, ingenuity, wisdom, and perseverance to access what you need. The decision gives way to the grit that a commitment to living well necessitates.
Love is a decision. Whether it’s loving yourself, family, partner, or cultivating a lifestyle you love, it is a decision. Deciding to love, lends itself to defining love. If you can’t define love it will be hard to recognize it, give it, or receive it.
I can’t tell you how much I look forward to exploring the ways we define love and the ways it’s been defined for us, especially the unhealthy ways. I am so looking forward to spending this month delving into just how important deciding too be is, especially deciding to love ourselves. It may sound a little cheesy but if you really think about it, loving yourself influences how you care for yourself, who and how you relate to others, what you tolerate at your place of employment or how you choose where you apply to work. It impacts how you save or spend your money, your time, and your energy. It’s powerful when you decide to love yourself, because the decision to love is powerful.


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