Love and Truth


Photo courtesy of Long Blue

I’d grown silent and interjected short sentences and words that were really weak attempts to protest what he was saying. I told myself it was because of the space I was in and didn’t want to be too loud. But the reality was he wasn’t lying as he talked about who I am and how freely I used to share and engage that version of myself. It was hard to argue with the truth especially when the truth was coming from someone who loves me.

Right after I wrote that sentence a notification came across my screen stating that I needed to plug in my laptop charge. My battery was low, at about 6%. I laughed.  I, all that I knew me to be, all that he knew me to be was equally running low. I plugged the laptop in.

I love writing. I love this blog. I love the vision I have for this blog. I love the opportunity to encourage you as a reader, love me. And in my moments of truth I’ve realized I haven’t been living from that place of love and in order to get back to all of that giving good love I need to take some time to recharge and be with the people who love me and spend a lot less time doing the things that I mostly find tolerable.

So, the posts may be a little more sporadic but it’s part of my decision to love myself enough to get things together so I am back to making choices from a place of love, that I love, so that my life is overwhelmingly lovely.

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