LIVE-ing for the Weekend

Photo courtesy of Clutch Mag

Photo courtesy of Clutch Mag

Maybe it’s because I worked my 9-5 gig last weekend that my appreciation for this weekend is even deeper. Or maybe it’s because this weekend is littered with things that feed my mind, body, and soul, like a massage, a trip to my favorite gluten free bakery, some low key time with family and a friend, and some reading just for the fun of it. Or maybe its because its a weekend that a week or so ago was packed with everything from either being in DC or Chicago, going to a basketball game, and squeezing in family time to now being one that is so freely focused on me and me being much more purposeful in how I spend my time and energy¬†that just the thought of this weekend makes me breathe deeply and smile widely. Yes, that is what I am LIVE-ing for this weekend, days of time crafting memories from bits of moment that are a result of my giving myself permission to freely engage in the things that make my life fuller, richer, and more joyful. Until Monday! xxoo

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