Don’t be Such a Dickinson

Photo courtesy of Bottom of the Ironing

She was one of those. You know the type. The ones who are amazingly brilliant and somehow or other keep all that brilliance under wraps. They may let it leak out here and there, but they rarely own it and share it. Not to mention only after something crazy and or  tragic is the awesomeness that they have always been suddenly revealed for as many who bother to look will see. Emily Dicknson died, and she was posthumously famous- famous, rendered a literary wonder, after she died. Works she created while her heart was steady pumping and lungs steady inhaling and exhaling, revealed to the masses and hailed by many genius. No disrespect to Emily who had 1800 works of poetry when she died but had only made public a dozen of them, but ladies, don’t be such a Dickinson.

Translation- Ain’t nobody, none of us, got time to be hiding how amazing we are. No down playing it because others are intimidated or jealous. No being secret about it cause we’re not sure if everyone will get it, like it, or love it. Everyone won’t, but you don’t need everyone to.

Photo courtesy of Glamour Magazine

Photo courtesy of Glamour Magazine

We’re moseying right on through Women’s History Month, a month to remind us of the brilliant history that we have as women. We have years upon years of women from Harriet Tubman to Mother Theresa to Sheryl Sandburg to Michelle Obama to Soledad O’Brien who have done and are doing things to maintain the momentum of changing the world for the better not just for women and girls but for humanity. Could you imagine if any of these women  were the least bit shy about who they are, what they are passionate about, and what they knew they had, wanted, or needed to offer the world?  Wouldn’t nobody be leaning no where. Wouldn’t nobody slaying or getting in formation.

As I sat at my desk the other day looking at graduate schools and daring to re imagine my life more thoughtfully, to keep walking towards thriving and leave the past two years of surviving behind me, I chided myself saying- “Don’t be such a Dickinson.” There was an allure to it.There is  an allure to doing enough, especially when it mimics someone’s version of success. But when you’re living it, it’s kind of  not so shiny, sparkly, or velvet and soft. It’s itchy, and faded, and toot tight and too short- it’s not enough. Living in the shadows of your own greatness is not enough. Giving 12% of yourself is not enough. The Simply LIVEd life is about knowing that you are enough and therefore worthy of an abundant life directly in the spotlight, all eyes and cameras on you, as you are the leading lady of your own life.

It’s the start of the week and may it be the start of you deciding not to be a Dickinson 😉

Photo courtesy of For

Photo courtesy of For



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