That’s What She, Her, Them, Us, We Said

FullSizeRender (7)This week I had what was the combination of privilege and destiny to be in attendance at the first United State of Women Summit in Washington DC. I waited just a little under an hour in the line that wrapped the four city block perimeter of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center at least two times over with thousands of us mostly women. Upon entering I received a name badge that read Ahyana King, The Simply LIVED Life- Nominated Changemaker. I was nominated to attend the summit which I knew but it was the word changemaker that breathed life into my weary spirit. I smiled at the young woman who gave me my badge and was determined that over the next day and a half at the summit I was going to own every inch of that laminated purple and pink ombre badge that proudly adorned my neck. I also decided on my train ride back home that I would share some of the wise fire in my gut deeply resonating with my soul don’t ever forget what your capable of words from the amazing individuals who took the stage and nourished my soul, reminding us that “today we will change tomorrow.” So, from my notes to your heart, here are a few of the words I wanted to be sure to share with you from the United State of Women Summit. Cheers to the weekend!

“If we stop being vigilant, we lose what we’ve worked so hard for.”- Sarah Jones, Actress


“Our first job in life as women is to get to know ourselves. “- First Lady Michelle Obama

FullSizeRender (8)

“Respond. My work was a response. It was never about a role, it was about seeing a need and responding to that need. Don’t seek the role, seek the response and do the work.”                – Beverly Bond, Black Girls Rock.


“Deliberate and afraid of Nothing”- Audre Lorde ( quoted by Kerry Washington, Actress)

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“If we want equity we need diversity.”- Marley Dias, Literary Advocate




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