Finally Friday

Maybe because I’ve spent the week packing. Maybe because it’s been so hot and humid and I have woken up before 7am and it’s been above 75 degrees Fahrenheit already. Maybe it’s because I’m DC/VA bound for the weekend. Whatever it is I’m just glad that it’s finally Friday. Here are a few things that have brought me some joy on my journey to Friday.

Birthday Planning

My birthday is next weekend and we’ve got a sweet little backyard barbecue in the works. Pinterest has been beyond kind in helping me with party ideas. Can we say color, color, chic, and a smidge of country?


Photo courtesy of Hello Society


Photo courtesy of Dot&Bo


Photo courtesy of Sincerely Clara

Soul Work

So I started Rising Strong by Dr. Brene Brown like two months ago and I’m still not finished. I lie to you not when I say it’s impossible to not do soul work, like really reflect, wrestle, rumble, release, and rise like every couple of pages. I read a page or two and that’s all I can do in one sitting because I have to journal, process, pray, cry. But I tell you it’s worth it. Taking care of myself, leaning into remnants of disappointment, grief, fear, and vulnerability is so worth it. So her are just a few of so Dr. BB quotes, not necessarily from Rising Strong, but necessarily profound nonetheless.


Photo courtesy of Pixteller


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The RNC was last week and I wasn’t impressed, floored by the plagiarism and the party’s commitment to denial of it, but not impressed. The DNC is this week and I’m not impressed either. Hillary is greatly qualified and happens to be a woman, and I think it’s great she was nominated by the Dems, but it’s 2016, we should have been had a President who identifies as a woman let alone nominated by a major political party.  However, I’m grateful. I’m grateful for the reminder that we have responsibility for the way our country is. Politicians only get into office because we elect them. If we don’t vote then we don’t complain and POTUS did a great job of reminding us of that when he said “Don’t boo. Vote.” That reminder of accountability and power brought me some joy this week.


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I’ve gotten to read some sweet articles about leadership this week which I would recommend you read too. You can find them here and here. I also got to sit sunny side at the coffee shop in town and work on the workshops I get to facilitate on women and leadership this fall in Orlando.


Photo courtesy of Pinterest


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