Finally Friday

Welcome to the weekend! My week has been full. Mostly full of me filling boxes and cubes with all of my life’s possessions for a new adventure, but also with some good people that have been part of this past year’s most recent move back east adventure. I’ve gotten to squeeze in a few more really good and even necessary conversations face to face over sushi, apple almond danishes,  salads from Chipotle, and a soy green teal latte from Starbucks, plus a few long distance calls to my California folks. Despite all the busy, I’ve also still managed to get some early morning quiet time at the coffee shop, continue doing some soul work, celebrate people I love, and come across a few folks with whom I got to share my story ( narratives are powerful and I love when I get to hear some one’s narrative and someone gets to hear mine). So before I get on with the rest of the preparations for my Birthday BBQ tomorrow, here’s a few things that have brought joy on my journey to Friday.

Theme Party Planning

I love it when a good theme comes together. While a few weeks ago I was all about a very low key no fuss, oh for real today’s my birthday, kind of birthday, a four year nephew who was all abut one more summer barbecue party changed all that and I’m glad. I’ve been working with my barbecue queen sister and momma to pull together a colorful country chic BBQ. This week the burlap table runners came, the mason jars and milk bottles have been pulled out, and then these super sweet little berry containers arrived to hold all types of party treats. So very excited!!!


Photo courtesy of The Bakers Confections


Soul Work

Still reading Rising Strong and wading through my stuff. We all got stuff and this book reminds you of tat, but in a way that says and let’s deal with it so it doesn’t become a hindrance to our wholeness. I’ve been reading a lot about need. I’m not too great at needing and I excel at helping meet needs. It’s not that I don’t like to ask for help, I’ve just  had some awful experiences when I have and in pretty much every area of my life. So, my response has been why bother. It’s logical but not healthy. I’m working on it. I’ve also been really reflective and purposeful as it comes to other influential words I’ve stumbled across, like the ones I’m sharing below.


Photo courtesy of Elevation


Photo courtesy of Beyond Surrender Tumblr


Photo courtesy of Starin

Photo courtesy of Starin


Story Time

It’s happened a couple of times this week and it’s been strangely awesome. Someone applied for my old gig, did her research about me as the former director and stumbled across this here blog, more specifically my post about being committed to what you know to be healthy for you even others are trying to convince you otherwise. You can take a read here. Another reached out via social media and we chatted about my experience for just under an hour. It was strange because I knew that my story would more than likely cause the folks to withdraw  their applications which one shared they did already after reading my post the other shared they were going to cancel their skype interview. Both also shared their own current situations and well they knew what they wanted and my story, my experience, my truth, didn’t support what they wanted. It’s powerful when folks want to hear your story, even more powerful when they don’t deny it or interrogate you, but perhaps what was the most powerful for me was owning it and all of it. Our stories, all parts of them matter and we get to own them instead of them owning us and we get to keep writing when one chapter or even a sentence has come to an end.


Photo courtesy of Pop Sugar Fashion


Read All About It

It’s been a while since I stumbled across a share worthy blog, but this right here- share worthy for sure. I don’t even know exactly how I stumbled across it, but I like to think it was Jesus making sure it happened. If you get a moment I suggest you go check out Chrystal Evans Hurst  here.  She has the whimsy and wisdom combo down to a perfected science. She’s frank and funny, real and relatable, and has a way of just reminding you that you have power even when your circumstances suggest otherwise. You will laugh, cry, say “OMG!” and well probably want to share her site with others.

Photo courtesy of Chrystal Evans Hurst

Photo courtesy of Chrystal Evans Hurst

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