Finally Friday

Like clockwork, we are here again- Friday. I like that Fridays are regular like that. What’s a little less regular is everything that happens in between. Like my family doing a sweet job of celebrating my birthday, moving to a new city, meeting some really cool new people, thoroughly enjoying really good food at places like Thin Man Brewery and Cantina Loco, and sweet times to read good books and discover new blogs. Here’s where I’ve found joy in my journey to Friday this week. Have a wonderful weekend! xxo

Plot Twist

If you would have asked me a week ago if I have the type of family that is all about celebrating I would have said, um not really. Acknowledge an achievement or a birthday- sure, but bells and whistles- not so much. But last Saturday was my birthday BBQ that my family put together (but let me decorate ’cause I really really love doing that) and it was so beautiful. Really good food, and friends and family, laughter, and I’m just really glad and grateful. It was a  plot twist to my narrative about my family, one that meant a lot to me. I like  to celebrate and I like to be celebrated. My family got that. 


Good Finds

I’m an explorer, discoverer, and adventurer. I’m eternally curious, so it was barely 48 hours into my new city and I was out and about. My favorite find on my day out…macaroons from this little place called Macaron Cafe. I started with just a raspberry one and then kind of “needed” a chocolate one. Between that and finding a Sephora just 20 minutes from my place where I picked up my beauty insider Marc Jacobs birthday gift and snagging the September issue of In Style with Kerri Washington as it’s cover girl- my desire to go and to know was happily satiated.


Photo courtesy of Half Baked

Soul Work

Despite having a six minute commute to the training I was to attend Tuesday, I was wide awake at 5:51 am. Training started at 9am. I was wide awake when my mother called just to pray with me before I launched into my first official but unofficial day at a new place. She was soon to leave for her own work and so she launched right into prayer, somehow knowing I’d spend the hours before she called silently freaking out that I could have picked a poor  fit of a job again, that this place may have been pretending to be transparent and committed to social justice work, that this could be a familiar repeat of the past two God awful years. Then she said “God we thank you that the Best is Now. Not yet to come, but your best for Ahyana is happening right now, right where she s, today.” Wow! She prayed a lot of things tat day, even for my future spouse (she’s been praying tat more frequently lately, or at least letting me know she has), but I have been holding on to that. I’ve been pushing myself to be mindful and to lean into the now. Not in a you only live once kind of way, but a how is now contributing to my story and how do I right now best contribute to the stories of those with whom I am engaging. I’ve been allowing myself to be mindful of now and that God’s really good plan for my life is unfolding in a series of His best for me in the now. Of all the places He could have allowed me to be that where I am right now was/is his best. So I say to you, the Best is Now. That right now, your best future is impacted by your best now and that right now believe it or not, in the big picture, this is the best place for you. 

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