Light Bulb Moment No. 2


Photo courtesy of Her Kind of Tea

It was only day two at my new gig and I was so tired.  Like showered, in my pajamas, dinner devoured, on my couch, feet up, television on by 6:30pm and we’ll see if I stay awake past 9pm tired. But even in my weariness, I was determined that I wasn’t going out like that tonight. The night before I absolutely gave in to the tired and watched TV until I woke up and realized TV was watching me. Tonight I knew I needed to make some time to do something that feeds my soul. Michael Ealy on my television wasn’t gonna cut it. So, I decided I’d listen to a pod cast.

The pod cast that caught my eye…“7 tip for Surviving Seasons of Change” with Chrystal Evans Hurst. Kinda perfect for a chick like me on her third out of state move forte last three summers. As I listened and she talked about giving yourself time. Like slow it down. Be flexible. And then giving yourself space. Physically, but also mentally, and emotionally. Then she said “Change is hard. Change takes work.” “Oh my gosh yes!,” I said to the four walls of my bedroom.

You’d think that as a counselor by training, practice, and purpose in life I would know this. That I would eat, sleep, breathe this fact. However, I knew that part of my weariness was not just because of all that comes with a new life change but how I was managing it and how gracious I was not being with myself in the change.  How much I was leaning on my grit, and leaving behind the grace that is needed because change, even when it is necessary or chosen in hopes of something amazing, it is hard and it takes work.  The things in life that are hard and take work (relationships, loss of any kind, trauma, a promotion, going to school or back to school, weight management, etc.), are the things in life where we are all the better for when we choose to honor this truth and treat ourselves with grace, love, understanding, and care. 

Here’s hoping this adds a little light to your day! xxoo

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