Finally Friday

It’s Friday and there’s been some challenges, lots of conversations, discoveries, cause for pause, sweet finds at the mall, and of course joy on my journey to Friday. I hope there’s been some of all that, but mostly the sweet finds at the mall  and joy, okay okay, mostly the joy, on your journey to this Friday. And if not, the great thing is the day is not over so may you find some joy in your day today.


Downtown Discoveries

Whenever I visit a new city I’m always interested in the economic development (especially small businesses), the food scene, the arts, and education. So being here in Buffalo, NY I got to doing my research and discovered a few co working spaces. One of which, Dig Buffalo,  I was able to tour this week. It was pretty sweet to be in a vibrant space of fellow entrepreneurs, innovators, and changemakers. Not to mention on my way there I got see another part of the city that included a beautiful furniture store (I really love all things home), a few restaurants, and a gorgeous flower market. You know how I feel about flowers. It was a great way to spend a Wednesday afternoon.

Photo courtesy of Masinka via Flickr

Photo courtesy of Masinka via Flickr

Coffee Break

When you spend almost a year having the closest Starbucks 35 minutes out of state and the two local coffee shops ones that open shortly before you have to be into the office and close within a half an hour after you leave the office, you are like a kid in Dylan’s candy shop in Times Square when you have a Starbucks that’s about six minutes away, another that is 12 minutes away, a local chain of coffee shops that are between 5 and 15 minutes apart, and then a host of cute one of a kind coffee shops like Spot’s and Perk’s. Not to mention a juicery. So after I got to visit the coworking space…I strolled over to the coffee shop for an iced soy green tea latte, a high table window seat, and some sunshine.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Soul Work

I’m notorious for starting a new book before I finish another book, especially if the books complement one another. So now I’m amid Rising Strong and Successful Women Think Differently which is by Valerie Burton.  The latter has been helpful in keeping me focused on what I desire to be and do next, challenging thought patterns, and creating new ones. Similar to Rising Strong, I can read two or three pages and have enough to meditate on, ponder, deconstruct and reconstruct for a couple days. I kid you not. Most recently it was how I look at success. I had to recall a recent success. Mine was managing my move from Chestertown, MD. It was the cheapest, quickest, effective move I’ve done to date. I attributed the success to things like having a clear goal (move by date) in mind, asking for/accepting help (I believed that those who offered help were sincere in their offer and would hold up to their end of the deal), packing at a realistic pace, etc. One of the best things about this successful move was that it totally punched my “Ahyana you are a bad picker.” theory dead in the face.” For the past few years, between the house, my brother as a roommate, jobs (location and actual responsibilities), even friends, I was worried that I had lost my ability to discern and choose what was best for me. While the move may not seem like a big deal, it was huge for me. To select a solid moving company, ask for and believe in the offers for help, to let people help, to recognize my limits and pace myself accordingly was instrumental in unraveling my you have no idea what you are doing and you make choices that are huge losses for you so why bother trying to be strategic or including other people myth. Taking the time to actually realize the progress, even huger (so what if I made that word up, it’s Friday)! I’m making progress people!

Photo courtesy of Glam

Photo courtesy of Glam


Happy Weekending! xxoo



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