Finally Friday

Photo courtesy of E

Photo courtesy of E

There’s been matcha lattes from local coffee shops, and arctic swirls with Reese peanut butter cups from local ice cream shops, a late night movie “on a school night”, great conversations about economic development and serving the whole person, hearing narratives that remind me that I’m exactly where I need to be at this time in my life, new music, an opportunity to unapologetically assert myself (it was a pretty sweet moment), and well as you can see I’ve had quite the week and below are just a few other things that have brought me joy this week in my journey to Friday and I hope you take a moment to consider the things that have brought you joy in your journey to Friday.

Sounds Good

My iTunes rotation got an upgrade this week courtesy of Andra Day’s Rise Up album. It’s been on repeat and between Rise up, Cheers to the Fall, and Rearview…I feel like I could join her on stage at her concert at Lincoln Theater in DC November 25th and not embarrass myself (or her). Granted right now I just want to join her at the concert, even if its in a seat a few rows away. Take a listen for yourself ūüėČ

Sight Seeing and Good Food Eating

Sunday I made my way to Niagara Falls (the US side) with a few good folks and it was breathtaking. The weather was glorious with the sun in and out and only 75 degrees. My company was engaging and entertaining. The water was just powerful and reminds me of how beautiful and powerful nature is.  Wednesday I went to lunch with a new colleague to a spot called Bedrock, which was right on the shore of Lake Erie and served up some sweet honey friend chicken and golden delicious french fries.


Photo courtesy of Me- at Niagara Falls and Perks Coffee Shop in Buffalo, NY


Photo courtesy f Me- Honey Fried Chicken courtesy of Bedrock Restaurant in Hamburg, NY

Soul Work

Maybe the¬†good thing about being between two books is that they help keep you on the¬†right track, being honest and vulnerable about past experiences and really deep hopes and dreams for the¬†future. I find that sometimes dwelling on either with ignorance to the other can be a disservice. So I got Brene Brown in Rising Strong who helps me stay present by drawing from past experiences and seeing tendencies, tendencies to change if appropriate, or celebrate if appropriate. Then I’ve got Valerie Burton in Successful Women Think Differently who has helped me think big picture, but including all the tiny details that give the big picture it’s wow factor. I got to spend time this week purposefully¬†dreaming, with the instruction to and my own commitment to not hold back, and not only was the dream glorious, it is totally doable. Like very achievable, especially the more I take stock of what¬†I believe and how that influences my behavior (i.e. actions taken to either advance or impede my goals). I was rather impressed with my dream and mighty grateful to confidently know everything I need to fulfill it God has provided. ¬†My soul is feeling pretty good this week. And tired, cause I won’t lie, wrestling with our own internal stuff takes some energy and some work. However I’m worth it.

Phot coutesy of Guierllmo Alvarez

Phot coutesy of Guierllmo Alvarez


Happy Weekending! xxoo

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