Finally Friday

My journey to Friday this week had some unexpected detours….but like clockwork- Here we are . Fridayyyyy!  And here I am happy to share a few things that have brought me some joy this week and hoping they’ll help you dwell on some of your own joyful moments on your journey to Friday. xxoo

Pumpkin Season is Upon Us!!!

Totally sleepy and trying to fake it to make it I strolled to Starbucks on the lower concourse of New York Penn Station.  I was all about ordering my usual a a tall soy green latte. But then I looked left and saw the life size latte banner announcing that the Pumpkin Spice Latte has arrived! Furthermore, I glanced to the right and saw a “now serving almond milk,” chalk sign by the register.  The day after Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer, and there I was 6:52am with my first pumpkin spice latte of the season. Joy in a cup!


Photo courtesy of me. Pumpkin spice latte with almond milk courtesy of Starbucks.

Foodie in Philadelphia #SweetSunday

Sunday I got to spend time with a young woman I worked with back when I was a Resident Director. She was then and still is one of the most joyful optimistic vibrant people I know. From Texas, having graduated from Oberlin in Ohio, she picked Philadelphia to call home. I happened to be in my home city so we got gelato from Capogiro in Rittenhouse Square. She went all fruity with pineapple and peach sorbets. I was all about the rich gelato with a bourbon butterscotch and a Madagascar bourbon vanilla. We ate and laughed our hearts out.


Photo courtesy of me. Gelato courtesy of Capogiro , 20th and Sansom Streets in Philadelphia.

Good People

I may or may not have been extended a pretty amazing opportunity tat sent me straight into what I now see as an absolutely unnecessary unexpected emotional whirlwind. So I sent out an SOS to a friend who knew the best she could do in lieu of driving the six hours to see me was call as soon as she got off work from her oh so ridiculous I have no idea how she does it job and talk with me for a little over an hour. By talk with me I really mean listen and remind me of what I know for sure and how I really am (although the past couple years would suggest otherwise) great at knowing what I need and figuring out how to get it. Between her, my mom, and another friend who short of an eight hour drive giving me a call it was wonderful to have people, good people, who know a thing or two about me, respond when i needed, not offer a bunch of untimely well intended advice, and remind me I will make the decision that I know is best for me.


Photo courtesy of

Soul Work 

My coworker said it best when he called my Tuesday a “comedy of errors.”  It really was a disappointing day, from my no show taxi, the woman behind me on the train who snored like she was in the Olympics going for the gold, the multiple delays that resulted in my getting home over an hour later than I’d planned, or the emails that felt hugely dismissive of what I needed to accomplish some things. Truly on the verge of tears in all my frustration I reached for my coral colored leather bound journal and pen and started to write. I started with “I’m disappointed.” As I continued to write there were my confessions for a need to be in control and how out of control I felt, the fact that despite my new community really being good for me I was missing the community of people I’d just spent the weekend with back in Philadelphia, and the emails felt dismissive because they weren’t helping me prove how I really was working although I was remote. As I finished writing I wrote a simple prayer- “Lord redeem the rest of my day.” I knew that I could either dwell on all that was (or wasn’t) or look at the time left and make the best of it…which included wine, wings, pizza, and Netflix.


Photo courtesy of The

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