Light Bulb Moment No.3- All We Need Is Love


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I guess it was my DIY version of the opening scene of the film Love Actually. Instead of an airport I was at Penn Station in New York waiting for my train to the city of brotherly love. Bag in the seat next to me and falafel and fork from the little market opposite the station in hand, I  watched folks ascend and descend the escalators, hugging and kissing people I assumed they loved or at least liked, goodbye or hello. They were smiling, waving, embracing, hand holding, slightly off ground lifting.  I found myself smiling and I sent up a prayer that everyone in the station, amid the hustle and bustle, descending and ascending, was leaving from  or going to places where they knew they were loved.

Despite the amazing Prada shoes that paraded by, the super cute leather Michael Kors handbag, the great highlights and lowlights, beautiful dewy faces, glowing hues of melanin, well trimmed beards, tailor made denim, Cole Haan boat shoes, we need  the smiles, hugs, kisses, gentle back rubs, and hand holding- reminders that we are loved.  The things are nice. The experiences amazing. The accomplishments noted by the scanning e ticket of Dr. So and so and the birthday pin of the proud probably just turned 7 girl in the multi colored tulle skirt are not much without love. Love for others, love with others, love for self, love with self. As cheesy as it sounds…all we need is to know we are loved.

Knowing we are loved is what allows us to go the distance. It is what allows us to get up after a fall, try again after a failure, forgive when we have been wronged and seek forgiveness when we have wronged. It allows us explore, strive, begin, and even begin again. It i the launch pad from which we rise to our greatness. And less you read this and think that knowing you are loved must be external…it doesn’t. Believing in the love you have or yourself, that you will forgive yourself, be compassionate towards yourself, believe in yourself, strive to be the best version of yourself is what allows us to believe we are loved by others.


Photo courtesy of The Sweetest

Being in love is pretty fantastic. Loving is mostly fantastic (sometimes it’s hard and frustrating). Knowing we are loved, knowing that in all of our us-ness, our rock star days and our crawl under a rock days, that we are loved is by far amazing.


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