Make Space for Grace

make-spaceforgraceI cannot even tell you how many times I’ve repeated that to myself in just the past 48 hours. I’ve got a hard week ahead. That’s not me being a pessimist. It’s true. There are some things on my calendar that make me cringe, but they come with the current season of my life. A series of things that are  in direct opposition to what I really believe bu align with the expectation of others.  I’m smack in the middle of  soul work that is all about trying to be my authentic self, knowing, I’ve got a week ahead of doing the opposite.

So, I’ve decided the best thing I can try to do is to make space for grace.  If I don’t, I coach myself into trying to believe what I don’t or fault find with myself for not believing like others, which will not bode well for me. I’ve been there, done that, and hated it. I also know that making space for grace means trusting God that in these moments there will be opportunities to further the conversations about the ways the things I’ve been asked to orchestrate this week aren’t really in the best interest of the very people I was asked to support. Making space for grace this week will also mean making space for relinquishing control. I do this overcompensating thing when I have to do something I don’t agree with, and then my need to control everything gets amped up. It’s hard to not be in control if you are worried you’re going to be exposed for being your inauthentic self or that something will come off mediocre cause you didn’t really want to do it in the first place. But grace says I don’t have to be in control. It says that I can punt all the internal angst and the outward obligations to the Master Controller.

Finally making space for grace will mean pushing past the curtains of fear, anxiety, and disagreement, so that I can see anything that may be of value. I may not be on board with all that I have been charged to lead this week, particularly the mode of delivery, but grace says that if I trust, and stay present, that it is absolutely possible for me to see, hear, or experience some great and even necessary things.

So team, that’s all I got for you this Monday morning. Until it’s #FinallyFriday!  xxoo

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