Sometimes You Gotta DIY

This post comes from the indie coffee shop a few blocks from my new home. It comes after my things arriving from Spokane, Washington yesterday evening and me being bent on unpacking as much as possible last night, but especially my bed. I was over the air mattress life. As I looked at the box with my brand new box spring there was a picture with two people and the wording read “team lift.” I told myself that it was a good thing the box didn’t need lifting because i was teamless. I mangled that box and within a half hour my bed, the frame, box spring, and mattress (mangled that packaging too) were assembled. I am not anti team but I also know that sometimes you gotta DIY. So this week I hope you get over the hump with a few DIYs to take care of yourself!

DIY Mani Pedi courtesy of The Every Girl

I used to be one of those manicure pedicure every two weeks types until I realized that was a waste of time and money. Seriously, It was upwards of $70.00 a month and depending on the wait, easily two hours a visit. Now I didn’t abandon them altogether. Not in the least bit. I just did my own in between visits. I also made sure to get the good polish, like Essie and Ten Over Ten. By the way, you can score Essie polishes at half the price at Marshalls and TJMaxx.


Photo courtesy of Play

DIY Hair Hacks courtesy of Brit + Co

I have six signature hairstyles. Probably five and a half (I don’t know if a bun to the side counts as it’s own hair style as opposed to being at the nape of my neck) if I am honest. But I have been venturing out recently trying a few new things all with one real goal- keep the hair out of my face. It’s summer and I just want my locks to look lovely and not annoy me. So all the things I have been trying have been doing just that and perhaps you too could use some new hairstyle mojo.

off face hair pop sugar

Photo courtesy of Pop

DIY Facial courtesy of Refinery 29

I learned early on that my best accessory is my smile and runner up is good skin. I don’t care whether you are #TeamMAC #TeamSephora #TeamCovergirl, putting on loads of makeup will NEVER substitute taking care of your skin. Part of taking care of your skin is being sure to give yourself a good facial. Cleanse, exfoliate, tone, moisturize, massage, etc. You don’t have to hit up the salon or stalk Groupon for a coupon to the upscale salon to get one- although every now and then I say go ahead and treat yourself. Until then you can absolutely DIY. Might I recommend heading to Lush for some of their products? You will love them  (or at least really really really like them.)

Photo courtesy of Photo Editor

DIY Taco Tuesday courtesy of The Food Network

My aunt introduced my siblings and I to tacos. They were on the list of foods my dad didn’t eat which usually (not always) meant my mom didn’t cook it at our house. So when we would sleep over my aunt’s she would make them and I love them. I could eat them or any Latin or Spanish influenced food morning, noon, and night. Not to mention they are so festive. So much color and taste, God bless the creator of tacos. Oh right and Taco Tuesday. I think that’s a national thing but I know it’s a west coast thing and well I may be back to living on the east but my heart still beats west coast.  Next time it’s Tuesday and you don’t know what’s for dinner, might I suggest Tacos. Heck, next time you’re hungry, might I suggest Tacos. Might I also suggest inviting friends. The more the merrier!

Photo courtesy of Brit +

DIY Sangria courtesy of The Nest

What better way to complement tacos than with sangria? I know someone read that and thought tequila. Lo siento! I love a great glass of sangria, all of its color, flavor, and enticing cool. It’s like upgrading a good wine and every now and then who doesn’t want a good upgrade? Just be sure to let the sangria sit for a bit. It taste better that way. As per my suggestion with the tacos, I recommend sangria with friends. Tacos, sangria, and friends- oh my!

Photo courtesy of Sally’s Baking