Finally Friday

Inhale Friday morning, exhale Monday through Thursday. Inhale the start of the weekend, exhale the end of the week. Welcome to Friday! I don’t know about you, but my week has been one in which no two days have come even close to looking the same. Whether it’s been waking up later or going to be earlier, enough time to run to Starbucks before heading into the office, or a few minutes before bed to journal, it’s been a really different week for me, one in which I found myself being more purposeful in creating moments of joy as opposed to kind of happening upon joyful moments. Seek and ye shall find. May you seek and find joy in your day today and throughout your weekend!


I have a new route and commute to work these days. It means getting up a little earlier and if I truly want to keep my morning routine of devotions, prayer, journaling, tea, and then getting myself ready and out the door with breakfast either consumed or packed to go- prepping the night before. The past two years I have had a morning commute to work that was walkable and usually ranged from 2 to 12 minutes. I’m adjusting. In my adjusting, I’ve been meeting all kinds of new people and people from all walks of life. The amount of diversity I get to engage in and also give me a brief sense of normalcy before I get to my PWI just gives me so much life. I can’t help but smile on my commute… and maybe once a week treat myself to a cup of Starbucks that’s so on my way to work. Like no turns needed. It’s right there. Oh the joy!


Photo courtesy of Wolf and the Sea


Game Time

I enjoy basketball. Baseball is too ridiculously long. Hockey is wrestling on ice an I don’t like wrestling. Football is confusing. Like what is the point of a first down or a third down? Just get a touch down.  Basketball is just right. It’s not too long, no first or third downs, no fights that happen three or four times in a game where no one gets ejected. I’m excited that the season has started. I’m  a Warriors fan. Love Steph Curry. Shucks love his whole family. I’m excited about what the season is looking like with  KD as a new member. Yet Wednesday night in my commitment to self care and in slight miss of my home city…I watched The Sixers and OKC play. It was a good game and a good night.


Photo courtesy of Mercury

Soul Work

I finally finished reading Rising Strong by Brene Brown. I cannot talk about the book highly enough. What I really enjoyed about the end of the book  is how she talks about the need to rumble and rise not only as individuals with all of our own stuff, but how to do it in the context of our families, our businesses, our classrooms, our communities. However, regardless of the scenario, what remained the same was the reminder to stick out the process. To get in the muddy deep of curiosity. To listen, to pause, to question, to be silent, to consider, to wait, to dig, to feel, to name. I carried her words with me this week, especially at the office. It was exhausting by the way. I know, I know-  I’m supposed to share joyful moments. The joy for me was ans will always be those moments when I get to live out what I believe. So when I had to go through this process of rumbling at work and lead in a way that says we can rumble, it doesn’t make me a bad supervisor or you  a bad intern, that was pretty amazing. Granted it was several hours later, trip to the gym, ate a few starbursts amid cutting back on my sugar intake, amazing, but amazing nonetheless.


Photo courtesy of me, words courtesy of Brene Brown



I think the rain stopped just in time for a coworker and I to head to The Grange Community Kitchen for lunch. It’s a new restaurant in the sleepy village of Hamburg, New York. With the fall chill and the grey skies looming, chickpea, kale, and roasted onion soup was a must. I paired it with a walnut and pear salad and took a flourless pumpkin cream cheese muffin back to the office as an afternoon treat. The food was fresh, locally sourced, flavorful, and for a girl like me who loves texture…there was plenty of texture. The food blessed my stomach and the conversation and communal environment blessed my soul. 


Photo courtesy of The Grange

Finally Friday

I am listening to my Finally Friday play list which includes the likes of I’m So Excited by The Pointer Sisters, Where Have You Been by Rihanna,  Forever Mine by Andra Day, Happy by Pharell, and Lovely Day by Kirk Franklin. You get the point, I am so glad it is Fridayyyyyyy! It’s been a week team. Like all the prayers and good vibes folks have sent out have been felt, used, and recycled. So muchos gracias. Yet, in case I give the wrong impression, there have absolutely been moments of joy. There was a trip to my local public library, an afternoon break with a colleague who knows how I feel about the occasional green tea latte with almond milk smack in the middle of a Tuesday, changing up my morning routine to include going to the gym and trying a new podcast like The Happy Hour. Most of all, despite the busy, the doing what is inauthentic to myself, I found moments of rest.   I hope amid your week, the hustle and bustle, the heartbreaking news or the reminder of a loved one who’s no longer with you,  the call to offer someone a job or the meeting to share with an employee you are letting them go, the break up or the make up, that you too have had some joy on your journey to Friday and moments of rest. xxoo


Photo courtesy of Daughter Zion Designs,