Weekend Infatuation- New York City

Welcome to the Weekend! It is Friday and you can find me in Starbucks on Fulton in Manhattan, just a few blocks from the hotel that I will be home until Sunday afternoon. Later you can find me over in Soho browsing the racks at Bloomingdale’s. At some point you will catch me in an number of thrift stores, Union Square, Macy’s on 34th street, in Koreatown, at a food truck, oh and at ABC Home and Carpet. Basically, you will find me doing the things I love in a place I love- the city. Specifically- NYC, but the reality is I just love cities.  To me, weekends were made for doing things we love that we don’t get to do during the week for any number of reasons. Weekends are made for giving our minds, bodies, and souls the nurturing necessary to be the best lovers we can to the objects of our affection. Any recommendations to places to go, things to do, places to eat or hear goo music you can let me on Twitter @ahyanajenise.  #DaretoShare Happy Weekending! Until Monday! xxoo

Photo courtesy of Estillo Tendances.com

Photo courtesy of Estillo Tendances.com

Life In A #Hashtag

Photo courtesy of Sarah Sarna.com

Photo courtesy of Sarah Sarna.com

Part of why I’m glad to have this whole month to share about self care is because there are so many aspects to self care. Okay lies. There are two. Self and Care. But the self is pretty complex and there are so many different ways to care for ourselves depending on who we are, need, and desire. And, a lot of that is grounded in who we know and believe ourselves to be.  So today we are starting with the basics. Self 099 or as I posed the question to a few of you “What’s your life’s motto in a hashtag?” The way I see it, we all walk around with words we hold as truths, that motivate us, and shape our behaviors, and communicate what we value and believe.  Words are powerful and communicate who we are, what we care about (including ourselves), and where we are headed.  So these were some of the “My Life In A Hashtag responses people sent to me. Thanks for sharing!

Photo courtesy of Cuded.com

Photo courtesy of Cuded.com

#Betheexpectationsoffurexpectations and #Timewaitsfornoman- Barbie F.

#WhenIRiseWeRiseTogether and #ImLikeAPhoenixiRiseFromTheAshes- Sabine S.

#WorkHardPlayHarder and #LiveOutLoud- Caroline D.

#Daretobeextraordinary Madeline H.

#Workhardstayhumble- Camina H.

Photo courtesy of Miss Femme Xo Tumblr.com

Photo courtesy of Miss Femme Xo Tumblr.com

What’s your life’s motto in a hasthtag? #DaretoShare

Indie Spirits We Admire

Photo courtesy of E Online.com

The past few weeks of transition have meant I get to gather with and catch up with friends and fellow readers. And post coffee, or initial commentary on the blog…I pick their brain. Last week I shared a few of my favorite fashionable women who capture the  #IndieSpirit and today I am sharing what a few folks had to say about women in their lives or who have impacted the way they LIVE who capture the #IndieSpirit.

“June Ambrose. She is a graceful example of the balance of all things creative along with motherhood. She inspires me on a multitude of levels and does so rocking a style I admire, one that modestly covers the body yet s runway ready. She also eludes humility and openness. And finally, she didn’t’ let her “hip-hop” roots box her in.”  – Serena S.


Photo courtesy of Refinery 29

“There is a woman who is like a second mother to me and a spiritual mentor.  No matter what society deems the “norm” she remains consistent is and doesn’t waver for anyone. I think that’s really rare in the time we live in so I really appreciate and admire that about her.” – Brittney W.

“There are many women I admire and especially for their #IndieSpirit. My maternal grandmother is one of them. She had her own business in Haiti. She us an incredible gardener  with a keen sense of good soil and patience to nourish  seeds. Her gardening skills and produce were her claim to fame. And she also is a really good listener. She knows how to listen to people and not everyone knows how to hush up and listen.”      – Stephanie S.

The Independent Reader

Photo courtesy of Karl Lagerfield

Photo courtesy of Karl Lagerfield

In the May 2015 edition of Elle, Chelsea Clinton shared in her recent work she discovered that over half of those who are illiterate across the globe are women and girls. I read that sentence at least three times. My heart sank. In 2015 how is that possible? I don’t know how I would survive without being able to read. I’m not just talking about being able to further my education or employment, but I mean the ability to read books about people who have inspired me, or quotes that have gotten me through a rough patch, scripture that has gotten me through hellish moments, recipes so I could cook and bake for the gatherings of people I love, and so on and so on. The findings of her report reminded me of my privilege of literacy and the opportunities it has afforded me. I’m hoping that as I have used that privilege to learn, heal, help, and serve that perhaps you too can use your privilege of literacy to read some of the following books (along side the Bible) I’ve come across that have helped me to LIVE well and encourage others to do the same. If there is a book not on the list #DaretoShare in the comments below!


Celebrating Your Significant Other

In the wake of last week’s massacre in Charleston, South Carolina where 9 people were murdered I still want to talk about celebrating. At first I was hesitant, never mind that last Monday on the blog we talked about celebrating those who have passed away. I was hesitant because the undercurrent of celebration is joy and how does one insert joy in the wake of tragedy? Yet as I have read the snippets of who the victims were in the attack I am reminded they were humans, real live people who bought joy to the lives of those with whom they were in relationship. They were significant in the lives of the people who knew them and that is certainly worthy of celebration! So here are a few words from a few women as they talk about how they celebrate the significant others in their lives.

Photo courtesy of Kristin Vining Photo Blog.com

Photo courtesy of Kristin Vining Photo Blog.com

“My husband is such a blessing to me and our children . I celebrate him by taking time to recognize his gifts, encouraging his growth and supporting him in all ways to achieve his dreams. I show him how much he means by telling him and affirming it with planning special times for us to enjoy his favorite things. Planning things to take part in with the family is a big one for him as well.  We spend time with each other and our children as my husband counts that as one of his favorite things. Celebrating my husband means many things, but most importantly as long as it’s based on love and fun family times, that’s a winner for us all.”- Shakirrah R.

“Privately sitting down together and with eye to eye contact and listening and taking in the entire story of the accomplishment to celebrate. Then, the next time our family gets together, talking about it with them as we enjoy dinner together.”- Dale S.

“I celebrate my husband by cooking his favorite meal which is teriyaki salmon and surprising him with a gift.”- Kresence C.

So how do you celebrate your significant other?

LIVE-ing for the Weekend by Celebrating With Friends

I firmly believe friends are the family you get to handpick. They make life so sweet and are some of the best people to celebrate with. Here’s what a few friends and readers had to say about how they celebrate with friends. And…there’s no time like to weekend to get together and get to celebrating. Until Monday! xxoo

“I love to kickback, talk, and have food and drinks. Food and drinks are very much involved. If it’s an extra special celebration- we’re going dancing.” -Silvie

Photo courtesy of James White

Photo courtesy of James White

“I love everything from getting together over drinks and appetizers, having dinner in the city or hosting dinner in my home, or doing something together like bowling, skating, or movies. “- Stephanie

“I love to host a good party, especially a theme party. Some of my favorite themes are 80’s, Legoes, or a pink and gold themed brunch. I also love when celebrating includes something we can do together like make pizza for the pizza party, or paint, etc.”- Amy

How do you like to celebrate with your friends? #DaretoShare

Celebrate Your Kids

Today I’m sharing what a few wonderful women I know who happen to be pretty wonderful mom’s have to say about the way they celebrate their kids!

Photo courtesy Beyonce via Tumblr

Photo courtesy Beyonce via Tumblr

“I celebrate my kids by treating them to something like their favorite food. When time permits I like to take them to some place special like the beach, carnival, or a play.”- Ronika, mom of 2

“For Valentine’s Day I have a tradition of buying everyone new pjs. We put them on around 5pm, eat dinner in the living room, ad watch movies. We have gone from Thomas the Tank Engine to High School Musical, to Star Trek.” Jolyn, mom of 2

“Kisses, hugs, special treats, sleeping in the ‘big bed’ aka my bed, and cupcake making.”  Rachel, mom of 1

So how do you celebrate your kids? #DaretoShare