Music I’m Deciding to Love

Happy Friday!!!! The past couple of weeks my soul has needed that kind of music that rises from the depths of the writer’s soul and the belly of the singer’s, and make me sing to my hairbrush and slip and slide across my hardwood  floors. I’ve fallen pretty hard for Jacob Banks and keep Amy Winehouse on regular rotation, with a few others in between. With the weekend arriving, my space needing some TLC, these tunes are going to be keeping me company and maybe they can cozy up with you too. Until Monday! xxoo

Flashback Friday- Girl Music Groups

I have many stations on Pandora that I heart. The station that’s gotten a lot of love from me recently has been my TLC station. Translation- good music from the 90’s and early 2000’s with girl groups like Total, 702, and Xscape in constant rotation. Why not welcome the weekend with some good throw back girl group music. Until Monday! xxoo

#IndieSpirit Soundtrack

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One of the best parts of celebrating my independence day in San Francisco this year was the music festival in the Filmore. It was block after block of food, art, live music, DJ’s and dancing, dancing, and more dancing. Hands down Brooklyn Circus had the best DJ and we were not ready for them to shut it down when the festival was over. Just like there isn’t a good party without good music,  there isn’t a true #IndieSpirit without her own soundtrack! Here are a few of my go tunes that keep me motivated and doing what my independent heart desires. Until Monday! xxoo

Simply Celebrate Beats

Cause what is a celebration without good beats? So these are  few songs that are in heavy rotation as I celebrate moving on! Nope these videos aren’t mine, all courtesy of YouTube and yes I gets down to these tunes. Nope I don’t love them all for the lyrics but I appreciate a good beat to boogie to. #hardwoodfloorsandsocks  xxoo